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If you have already realized that to study Wing Chun Kung Fu at the Advanced Wing Chun Academy is the best way to gain that edge you desire, please contact us to determine if you're eligible for enrollment. Discovering Wing Chun Kung Fu with Master John Clayton at the Advanced Wing Chun Academy will certainly be the powerful confidence boost you need to take your kung fu and physical combat to the next level. You can learn more below...

Crossed Hands

In combat or warfare it is always best to have a strategy. Warfare is like chess. And then it becomes competitive. You will have a victor and a loser. So in competition it was said that the best defense is an offense. My master told me the profound principle when attacking, always have a defense first. It always works for me. But this course shows how you must always apply principles before technique.

Defense Against
This course teaches you not to be afraid of punches & kicks. Once you remove your fear of physical attack all uncertainty of the unknown is discarded. Bruce Lee said "Don't be afraid or nervous, concentrate on the matter at hand. Not the outcome, and pinpoint the key factor." You will learn to get past the fist and feet.

Learn the fundamental of Martial Arts
This course teaches the principles and understanding that martial arts is a science and is intellectual. You learn the science of balance and symmetry, bio-physics, bio-mechanics, nero-muscular reaction, sensitivity, mobile, kinesiology-movement of bones, anatomy, blood flow, the process of interruption with forms, focus of attention with independent limbs along with concentration & coordination of the mind & body. This course also touches on therapeutic healing.

As a principle student of my adopted father, Grandmaster William Cheung; I have gained the knowledge and understanding not to learn how to fight or self-defense, but how to disable! This information has been passed down in direct line of inheritors of the five Grandmaster's of the Shaolin Temple to my father to me. Master John M. Clayton Sr.

Ground Combat
This course has the most comprehensive principles known to man. Its concepts are profound and realistic. Seeing Is believing. The techniques are remarkable from the Abbott's & Sages of the Shaolin Temple

Points of Attack Zone
This course shows how and what weapons to use to attack the organs, bowels, cavity holes, seal the vein, seal the electrical meridian points, breaking of the bones, sealing the chi energy and attacking optical resolution. It also teaches how to regulate your opponent's blood to cause dysfunction in the heart & brain (highly classified information for Instructors only!!)

Sparring / Combat / Fighting
This course involves using movements of striking and kicking in motion. You will find that most of your power & techniques become hard to do because of mobility. It's easy to apply a technique or hit with power in a stationary position. You will lean how to distribute your weight while moving to execute your combat, sparring, and fighting maneuvers more effectively.

Disarming of Weapons
This course shows the reality of disarming of knives and other edge weapons and wooden weapons with the principles of knowing that you will get cut or hit. The important part is where to get cut or hit and how to control and take the weapon away. You will lean the most efficient way of manipulating the weapon and who controlling the weapon.

Therapeutic Healing & Meridian therapy
This involves learning about how the body's electrical circuitry works according with the organs and bowels. You will learn what organs and bowels go with each other and how the body works with chi energy to keep healthy. Each meridian is a electrical current that flows from finger tips to the toes. The brain is the battery and the heart is the capacitor. You will learn how to self-heal momentary to keep healthy while training is constant

The Dragon Pole — Lim Mim Book Kwun


The Mook Yan Jong — Wooden Man Dummy
The dummy is a training aid or partner that represents a man from the shoulders to the elbows. It has three arms — two up top, one in the middle and a middle leg with a knee, shin and calf. It comes with 108 movements of the three forms of wing chun. The dummy conditions the arms and forms accurate strikes of the hands as weapons

Bart Jarm Dao — Eight Slash Butterfly Swords
These twins' short swords invented by the Abbott's of Shaolin are invincible because of their ability to rotate inside and outside the arms. The monks didn't favor killing so they only cripple or maim their opponents by attacking the four limbs and 8 moveable joints. With the precise footwork of the wing chun system the butterfly swords enhance your speed, balance, and footwork along with using two limbs at the same time