Welcome to the Advanced Wing Chun Academy

Wing Chun

The Advanced Wing Chun Academy is located in Baltimore, Maryland; and was founded by the Master John Clayton. As Master Clayton is the Grandmaster William Cheung's adopted son and Senior most student; the Advanced Wing Chun Academy is the best place to learn Wing Chun in the United States. By now, you may already know what Wing Chun is and have come here because of a growing interest in the fighting art. Deciding to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu is only the beginning of your journey to self mastery. As you consider this, consider how much your life will change once you walk your life free from fear. If you are a practitioner of Kung Fu already, but have always wanted to learn Wing Chun, imagine if there was one powerfully simple skill you could learn would instantly change your fighting and defense ability forever. Advanced Wing Chun is comprised of one of the most comprehensive set of fighting principles from Wing Chun ever to change the face of fighting; and is also privileged with the applications of these principles taught by a masters master, Master John Clayton.

If you are looking to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu from the best, or simply change your life for the better, come by the Advanced Wing Chun Academy to begin your journey